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Kitchen Extraction Systems

If they are not kept clean, extraction systems are dangerous.  The layers of grease sucked through the extraction fans, ducts and vents build on a day to day basis and can quickly become a lethal FIRE hazard.  One in three restaurant fires in the UK are caused this way so cleanliness is crucial and can be scrutinised just as much as the food you serve.

Failure to have your extraction equipment and duct work cleaned professionally can lead to problems with air quality, breach environmental health regulations and worryingly can invalidate your insurance policy should a fire occur. 

In many cases a professional kitchen may be asked to prove that the extraction system and duct work is cleaned at least annually which is a service that’s long been a core part of our business. All cleans are undertaken to the BESA TR19 standard with post clean reports. This standard is a main requirement of most insurance companies.

IDS Services offer a free site survey and quotation.  We'll assess what work is required to ensure your extraction system and duct work is safe and up to standard.  On completion of any work carried out, we’ll provide you with a certificate to satisfy any UK insurance company.

There are many services we offer related to the cleaning of extraction systems and even more reasons they should be high on the list of priorities for any catering establishment.  

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