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Deep Cleans

The minimum amount of cleanliness and hygiene is obvious to any good business but no matter how good the cleaning routine, it is likely those difficult to reach areas will often be missed.

Those neglected parts of the kitchen; the tops of walls, ceilings, light fittings and floors behind equipment eventually start to harbour dirt, grime and harmful bacteria. 

IDS Services are experts at eliminating it, stripping back the layers to make your kitchen and equipment look and feel like new.

We will schedule a deep clean whenever convenient to you, even whilst your business is closed day or night - and in just a few hours bring the hardest working of spaces up to standard. 


IDS Services' experienced operatives use the most advanced degreasing agents on the market.

We have emergency response teams to make good your establishment following fire or flood damage and we look after the admin too. 

We will schedule regular cleans for you and issue a food premises certificate on departure which can be presented should the environmental health department pay your kitchen a visit.

To see the value and how regular maintenance can lengthen the life of your premises and equipment, call or email for a free no obligation site survey. 

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